Petar Sabol

Photo Credits

Petar Sabol is a world-renowned Croatian photographer. Petar holds the prestigious 2016 Sony World Photography Award resulting in an exhibition of his work at Somerset House, a major arts and cultural center in the heart of London. In the past five years he has been recognized globally with over three hundred awards from thirty countries.

Petar Sabol spoke with Lucy Watson-Baker about his affinity with kingfishers and how this has influenced his photographs.

In his own words:

“I fell in love with this beautiful little bird. I started taking photos of a kingfisher at the small lake near my home and soon we became really good friends. He became so familiar with me that I could take photographs without hiding!

It’s really special. Our relationship became close at a different level. After that, I built my own pond next to my house. Kingfishers are endangered. When the water is frozen they cannot hunt for fish and without food they will not survive. He comes to me every winter and I feed him with little fishes in the pond. I break the ice so that he can feed on the fish in the warmer water below.”

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